The R.L.Allan Experience

Mr. Gooden:
I am one who can identify with your appreciation of Allan’s Highland Goatskin Bibles. It was truly by accident that I found your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.
In Christ,
Glen Converse

Terrence Gooden



IMG_7791    I’ve owned a lot of Bibles. A LOT of Bibles. In high school,I found the Bible section in one of those ancient locations called a Christian book store. I don’t really know how I knew that I should purchase leather editions(mostly bonded leather at the time because I didn’t have a huge budget to work with as a high school student!),but I did. I still own many of those Bibles today. And they have aged nicely. But if I was starting all over again from scratch, I would start with an Allan/Allan-Oxford Bible. If my whole library of Bibles had to be consolidated to for 3 or 4 Bibles, I would pick my Allan/Allan-Oxford BIbles with no question or thought. 

Today I opened up my first Longprimer. It took me two different locations( a coffee shop and a bookstore) and several hours to open it. Not because of…

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